Alexandra Crăciun


Hello, yellow. Nice to have you here, happy you’re curious about me. Here’s me trying to answer some questions you might have.

What do I do and what recommends me?

I do branding. I am a single person but I do work like an agency. After almost 10 years of experience in communication & marketing, I now work as a branding consultant. My problem-solving mindset also includes: communication strategies, liasoning, art directing, consultancy, writing, and (lots of) project management.

You can find a curated version of the projects I’ve been involved in this section. Part of that portfolio represents the 4 years of managing my own advertising agency, Exquisite.

How do I work?

As I said before, I am not a branding agency but I do work like one. Let me explain: I am currently working with a freelance team of senior creatives and specialists to develop personalized & uniquely thought teams for each project. I work with videographers, photographers, copywriters, designers, interior designers, strategists and sometimes creative agencies.

Usually, the process looks like this:

  1. A client decides we should work together, but they don’t have a clue about my way of working. They usually step into the unknown and get in touch with me based on some of my previous client’s convincing recommendation;
  2. We grab a coffee; I ask a lot of questions and I listen, writing down as much as I can. I try to identify the issues involved and get to the root of the problem(s) they are facing;
  3. If we like each other, sometimes we grab another (good) coffee just for the fun of it, or to clarify my perspective on the solution I have in mind;
  4. I send a project proposal with the solution and the vision involving the subject matter (most times this is different from the initial expectations – I want a new website” could easily become I understand a different approach might solve my problem better, let’s do that rebranding”);
  5. After the first round of feedback and clarifications, the solution could shift again;
  6. We agree on terms & vision;
  7. I put together a personalized team for each project and for each problem we have to solve;
  8. With constant communication and involvement, we make the magic happen.

Philosophically speaking (I love this part), I am dedicated to bringing life, energy and human touch into every brand I work with. And I do this by integrating a concept I really love, called “mindful of others”. It’s a way to integrate into the world of brands values like respect, authenticity, courage; having empathy for the consumer and being thoughtful.

How can we work together?

First and foremost: we must share common values or a common vision. I must be in love with your product, believe in it, test it, breath it. My passion is stemmed in this relationship and has a significant impact on the final result.

Second of all, I must admit I have a few (other) preferences. Since my time and availability are limited, I prefer choosing projects that “speak” to me. Here’s the list:

  • Gourmet: I am in love with restaurants and I love working on concepts and ideas involving the culinary world;
  • Arts: I am currently studying History of Art at the Art & Design University (UAD) in Cluj (ask me why) and I love cultural management and artists — I really think I can help them make their voice heard;
  • Cluj: anything that makes my beautiful city vibrate and contribute to its growth, I am in;
  • Start-ups: I love starting from scratch, the fever and the enthusiasm from the beginning, I am here to help not only with branding but with counseling and sometimes a good and encouranging word;

If you reached far, we might be a match! Let’s get out and talk about how to make the voice of your brand truly heard:

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