Bianco Milano

2012 Launching team Satu Mare: 

Project manager: Alexandra Crăciun
Logo & branding: High Contrast
Art director: Rareș Drăgan
Copywriting: Alexandra Crăciun, Raluca Tapalagă
Event planner: Ioana Danciu

2016 Launching team Oradea: 

Project manager: Alexandra Crăciun
Account manager: Brîndușa Inocan
Copywriting: Alexandra Crăciun, Andrei Kalman
Team: : Alice Mogojan, Cristina Pandrea, Ștefania Gale

2017 Launching team Cluj-Napoca:

Brand manager: Alexandra Crăciun
Brand facelift: ASC
Account manager: Brîndușa Inocan
Interior design: Gosho Studio

I’ve been with Bianco Milano from the beginning. The client came up with the name, but at that time we didn’t had any branding. Actually, we did had something: more de 15 logos that the client refused. It took me a few months to find the right agency, I gave the right brief and had the pleasure to work with a sparkling mind. Rares Dragan understood from the first second what’s the brand about, and build the perfect identity.

After the launch, I managed the brand until I opened the agency. My colleagues handled the communication and then Oradea came into picture. We organized the launch of the new gelato shop, with 130 guests and managing to get through the difficult situation of not getting able to invite people in (we had some technical issues with the construction site).

Then, in 2017 started working on the concept for Cluj. We knew we had to update our standards so I decided to bring in a new vibe in the interior design and some new elements in the branding. After the launch campaign (scroll for details), I left ‘my baby’ to grow up by himself, and decide to leave a new vibe come in terms of marketing as well.

Launching Cluj: 

I was preparing for Cluj since the first opening of Bianco Miano :) It was my dream to have this concept at home, so I had to come up with something creative. For Satu Mare we used this concept of „Make a surprise for you loved one” and I wanted to take this idea even further. So I came up with this idea of „good deeds” that I was planning to use in 2 steps: the teasing campaign and the opening campaign.

For teasing I came up with a series of 5 videos with influencers from Cluj, making a surprise for different NGOs.

Ep 1 27000 views 78,491 people reached – Bob Rădulescu
Ep 2 10000 views 27,233 people reached – Alexandra Crăciun
Ep 3 12000 views 30,274 people reached – Andi Daisler
Ep 4 8800 views 23,926 people reached – Ioana Chisiu
Ep 5 12000 views 31,994 people reached – David Todoran

After movie: 11000 views 33000 people reached
Total campanie: 82800 views and 225000 reach

In terms of branding, I wanted to add a new flavor to the Bianco Milano world. I worked with ASC for adding a new pattern and expand the color palette:

Bianco Milano (1)

Bianco Milano (1)

Bianco Milano (2)

Bianco Milano (2)

Launching Satu Mare:

Bianco Milano Satu MAre (1)

Bianco Milano Satu MAre (2)

Bianco Milano - Alexandra Craciun (1)

Launching Oradea:

Bianco Milano - Alexandra Craciun (7)

Bianco Milano - Alexandra Craciun (2)

Bianco Milano - Alexandra Craciun (5)