dot, district of toast

Team: Alexandra Crăciun & David Stroe

Timeline: August 2018 – March 2019

I had never worked with Marian before ( I also have a podcast with him, if you want to listen to it, you can find it here) and it had been a very, very pleasant surprise to find such an open and receptive person. He came to me with a very clear vision of what he wants from this place: the consolidation and assumption of a niche and the complex understanding of the hospitality market and his position in relation to others. And then I met Ema and things went very smoothly, these two complete each other very, very well and they made our lives so much easier.

Dot - district of toast cluj 2

The name

When it comes to the name, we went through the pains of birth (I keep hoping that with such a process, in time, things will go easier, but the naming is still the hardest part, in my opinion). Marian wanted a short name, made of three letters, we had to gravitate around the idea of toast and it had to be readable to anyone. Ema and Marian were at Street Food in Iași and called me to tell me of dot. We immediately realised that it could be an abbreviation for something, and from there we got District Of Toast, the product that defines the concept. Check, check, check, moving on.

The communication

Onward, we had the challenge to face when it came to communication. On one hand, we could have run with the idea of dots: to build out of dots, to connect dots, to dot everything. However, in our opinion (David’s and mine), this version was much too simple, too intuitive. Therefore we chose to work on TOAST and to build on its’ duality.

Toast is, on one hand, an action (to toast), and on the other, our product. And so we thought: what if we associate the place with a gesture? The idea of toasting, with a wider range of objects than the classical ones (with a cappuccino, with two slices of toast) and in moments picked by us, different from the traditional ones (birthdays, special moments). As a consequence, we built three hashtags that summarise everything we want to do:

#districtoftoast – talks about our product, what you’re coming to dot for, and our speciality.

#alldaytoast – talks about the fact that the product is available the entire day.

#everydaytoast – talks about the fact that you don’t need a specific moment to toast, it’s rather about our opinion, about the moments we pick and choose and make special.


The identity

The entire creative process took place alongside my good friend and collaborator, David Stroe, the one who created this wonderful identity.

texturi district of toast

The logo talks about this duality of the toast:

  1. The dot/almost-circle that represents the slice of toast (an organic form, not at all fastidious – as is the communication);
  2. The different textures that speak of these moments we want to invent, moments in which you find a reason – intrinsic-subjective-yours – to toast, because it’s #everydaytoast. The textures were made manually, to express this idea of unicity;



dot - district of toast cluj napoca