Romanian Testing Conference

Team: Alexandra Crăciun & David Stroe

Timeline: August 2018 – December 2018

Since the beginning of this conference, truth be said, the client had been iterating  A LOT on the visuals and the branding of our beloved child, Romanian Testing Conference. They’ve learned, experimented and it’s been a wonderful journey, but now they’ve reached a point where they needed a stronger and powerful visual. They new clearly what their vision for Romanian Testing Conference was and those plans that needed to be translated into a visual language that enframes the vision.

We worked on a strategy for the next 5 years of the conference, starting with  four words that describe the new look:

Framing: we want to create a frame for creativity and exploration. We want to set the grounds for you to thrive. We want to give you the opportunity to meet creative people and specialists that can inspire you for good. We want to give you the perfect set-up for growth.

Exploration: each year we’ll be adding new things to the conference. In 2017 we added the Xtestathlon, in 2018 we added UnConf, and the list will grow on. We’ll keep the good ideas and drop the ones that don’t work.

Creativeness: as you will see below (in the illustration section), we’ll bring more and more creativity into our work. With speakers from other industries, or by incorporating new and fresh illustrations in our branding. We look and crave for creativity.  

Dynamism: we’re not fans of boring. We’re here to make this conference great.

And since we mentioned framing, we designed a system that could incorporate different illustrations—that’s our place for exploration and creative work. Each year, we’ll use the same frame/system and we will invite artists & illustrators to show off their work and their interpretation of our current theme. In 2019 we set-up the arena with the systematic work in our new brand—, in 2020 we’ll create a contest and a scholarship for illustrators from the University of Arts & Design, and so on. Just so you know, we have everything planned for the next five years.

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