Let’s have a quick look through my work. This is a curated version of the projects I’ve been involved with:

My own project:

Current clients:

Past clients:

  • IT: Accesa/TechLeague, Cloud Troopers, msg systems, Mediatic
  • HoReCa: Bianco Milano, Marty Restaurants, Meron, Olivo Caffe, Sarea-n Bucate, Twelve, Vergano, Alikof, Dish & That, Hot Pipes
  • Events: Smida Jazz Festival, Romania One, Romanian Testing Conference, TEDx
  • FMCG: Aroma, Bossini, Crama la Salina, Dulceața lui Răzvan, Home Garden
  • B2B: Finas, Safeway International, Impress, Spada
  • Artists, personal branding: Alex Negriuc, Gosho Studio, Raluca Anton
  • Medical: Dermaelite, Qsmile
  • Online: Okian, Deilani, Borcane.ro, Sara Mob
  • ONG: Opera Națională din Cluj (Opera la cinema), I love Cluj, Meșteshukar Butiq

Other projects:

Projects I love, but for some reason or another they died. I this the work is too valuable to be kept in a drawer. Just click on each of the links below and you’ll understand why I love the projects so much.

Bonus: public speaking.