Short version:

Strategist, consultant and writer in real life, poet in my secret life. Continuous learning as a core value. Fascinated by the melody of things. Defined by modernism, shaped by minimalism. In a complicated relationship with Cluj, forever in love with Northern Europe vibe. Big fan of coffee shops and by all means, coffee lover.

Not-so-long version:

I’m always on the run, a typical classic early adopter. I smell trends before anybody else sees them and I make a living out of selling organised ideas. I get bored easily. The most valuable thing you might find in my home are books (hoping in a few years this statement to be changed into: the most valuable thing you might find in my home is a fancy-modernist-minimalist piece of art).

I love Scandinavia and the North. Quite attracted to Scotland, although I never visited. I am pretty sure in another life I’ve been some sort of viking with blonde hair and an amazing body. Unfortunately, in this life God took me away from my Icelanding/Nordic roots, so I am stuck in Cluj-Napoca.

I love architecture. I love Louis Hahn. And I absolutely adore Tadao Ando. I dream of becoming an architect one day.

I am always obsessed about something. One day you’ll find me studying spatial geometry and the other day I’ll be stalking one of my professors into telling me more about complex systems. Or cinematography. Or some amazing artist (forever in love with Olafur Eliasson).

I’ve read so many psychology books and invested in so many therapy hours, I could say I almost have a degree in psychology. But I don’t. But one day I’ll have. After I finish with cinematography, architecture, anthropology, I’ll definitely subscribe for a psychology degree.

My puzzle right now:

One project it’s not enough to entertain my creative-workahoolic-visual life.

And if you’re here for business:

My speciality: immersive branding for upper medium – premium businesses. I am the perfect mix between art directing and project management. My toolbox: brand strategy, communication strategy,  business consultancy, writing and visuals. I bring life,  energy and human touch into every brand I work with. I use an immersive approach for a better understanding of my clients.

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That’s it. Send me an email. And if we have THAT chemistry, I’ll take you to my favourite coffee shop.